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You can now enter the livestream with Hayao Miyazaki where he will explain his retirement. 
The link is here

However, it won’t start for another half hour!


Okay, I’m really sorry for the mixup… Before I gave you the japanese link to the press conference because the website is in Japanese and it was really confusing for me, but here’s the english version
So please click here for the english press conference with Hayao Miyazaki!!

Hi everybody how are you all doin tonight?


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You know what guys? I really like him.
I like the way he smiles and the way he breathes when he’s nervous.
I like the way he laughs and the way he squishes his eyes shut.
I like the way he kisses me; a million kisses at once.
I like that I can’t read him. It’s hard most of the time but I…